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About Dave

I'm David Aspinwall. I've been photographing people for over a decade and events since 2006. As a staff photographer for the United States Navy Band, I regularly capture events around Washington, D.C., and nationwide. My photographs have been featured in both local and national publications.

I opened Aspinwall Photographics in 2011. As your personal photographer, I capture life events both large and small. My images are featured in family albums and on gallery walls in homes far and wide.

Whether it's the excitement of your wedding day, the sweetness of your new baby, or even just the joy of a day with your family, Aspinwall Photographics specializes in creating tangible memories of your greatest moments.

I capture the day to day and the extraordinary for you to keep forever. With that in mind, I offer archival quality prints, canvases, and albums so you, your children, and your grandchildren can enjoy your beautiful images every single day and for years to come.